William Billinghurst Side Mount Fly Fishing Reels

William Billinghurst Fly Fishing Reels

William Billinghurst - Rochester, NY

William Billinghurst made and sold his reels in Rochester, NY. There are three models of Billinghurst side-mount fly reels that are usually found. The oldest has a single patent date of Aug 9, 1859 stamped on it. It has a fixed knob that does not fold down. Billinghurst evidently realized that the crank knob sticking out was susceptible to damage and breakage. The next model had a folding handle. It was much more reliable and not as prone to damage. The more common model has the 1859 patent date, but also has the 1873 patent renewal date stamped on it. These reels were light weight and fairly fragile. The earliest models were all brass and later ones were nickel plated brass. Some models have been found made of nickel silver (German silver).

The BILLINGHURST Third Model Reel, New York, Circa 1873

The BILLINGHURST Third Model Reel, New York, Circa 1873

1881 Conroy, Bissett & Mallesson's Catalog Page

The BILLINGHURST August 9, 1859 Patent

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