A. Coates Fishing Reels

A. Coates Fishing Reels

Abraham Coates - Watertown, NY

Abraham Coates was born in Ireland in 1831 according to the New York 1880 census. From 1863 through 1909, Abraham's occupation is listed as "Machinist" in the New York City and later in the Watertown, NY city directories. Over a 30 year period from 1856 to 1885, Coates either personally received or was coauthor of seven patents. His first patent was granted on March 25, 1856 for a "Lamp". His last patent in this group was granted on October 27, 1885 for a "Bobbin Winder".

Coates received his patent for a "Combined Reel-Handle and Fishing Reel" on March 20, 1888. Two versions of the reel have been found. One resembles that in the 1888 patent and the other looks like the photos below. The crank handle can be moved from the center post to the outer post to change the reel's gear ratio from a single action fly reel to a multiplying action.

The ABRAHAM COATES Reel, circa 1888

The ABRAHAM COATES 1888 Patent

The ABRAHAM COATES 1888 Patent

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