J. Conroy, J.C. Conroy & Co., Conroy Bissett & Malleson, Thomas J. Conroy Fishing Reels

J. Conroy, J.C. Conroy & Co., Conroy Bissett & Malleson, Thomas J. Conroy Fishing Reels

John Conroy - New York, NY

Reels with the Conroy name span almost 100 years. John Conroy founded his company around 1830. This makes him one of the earliest and longest running reel companies. The name Conroy was associated with quality reels and rods and this was responsible for the company's longevity. The company name went through a series of changes through the years. The first change was from "J. Conroy, Maker" to "Conroys, Makers" in 1846 when John's son joined the business. Then, in 1864, the company was run by Conroy's son when John retired. The name of the company was changed to "J.C. Conroy & Co". In 1875, the name was changed once again this time to "Conroy, Bissett & Malleson". In 1881, Malleson withdrew and began manufacture of reels in Brooklyn. The name of the company was then changed to just "Conroy & Bissett". This company named lasted for only a couple of years until 1883 when Bissett withdrew. The final name of the company was "Thomas J. Conroy". The first reels marked Thomas J. Conroy incorporated the Malleson patents. After 1890, his reels were made using the Julius vom Hofe patents and were sold in his store. The "Silver King" was one of the earliest models. It is not uncommon to find both Thomas J. Conroy and Julius vom Hofe names on the same reel.

The J. CONROY, MAKER Reel, circa 1840

The CONROYS MAKERS, NY Reel, circa 1846

The J.C. CONROY & CO. Reel, circa 1870

The J.C. CONROY & CO. Reel, circa 1870

The CONROY, BISSETT & MALLESON Reel, circa 1875

The CONROY Salmon Reel, circa 1880

The CONROY & BISSETT Salmon Reel, circa 1881

MALLESON Size 1 Reel Made for THOS. J. CONROY, circa 1890

Thomas J. Conroy Ad for "The Wells Click Reel" in 1888 Forest and Stream

Forest and Stream 1915 Ad

Forest and Stream 1917 Ad

To see an excerpt from a Conroy, Bissett & Malleson 1881 Catalog, click on the link below.

Link to 1881 Conroy, Bissett & Malleson Catalog

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