R. Haskell Minnow, Chautauqua Weedless Trolling Bait, Comstock Helgramite, Chapman Fishing Lures

Chautauqua Weedless Bait, Comstock Flying Hellgrammite, R. Haskell Minnow, W.D. Chapman Fishing Lures

The first commercially available fishing lures were made of metal. They were made of either brass, nickel silver or nickel plated brass. The first patented lure, and the most desirable lure to collectors, is the 1859 patented R. Haskell Minnow. The Chautauqua Weedless Trolling Bait and the Comstock Flying Hellgrammite are also early cool baits. Any metal bait made by W.D. Chapman is collectable. In the early 1900's, wooden lures were available commercially and gaining in popularity. Below are some photos of cool baits that are considered by collectors to be very desirable and collectable.

Glass Minnow

Fred Nichols of Nichols Lure Co. in Corpus Christi, TX made some cool, glass-eyed baits.

The R. HASKELL Minnow, Painesville, OH, circa 1859

ANDERSON & CO. Chautauqua Minnow, Jamestown, NY, circa 1909

COMSTOCK Flying Hellgrammite, Fulton, NY, circa 1885

Glass Minnow Tube Lures

Miller's Reversible Minnows

Minnow Tubes and Miller's Reversible Minnows from the Collection of Bob Coon

W.D. CHAPMAN 1897 Ad in "The Amateur Sportsman"

E.C. ADAMS JERSEY EXPERT Lure, circa 1907


SCHULTZ Baldwin Spinner, NY, circa 1900

SHAKESPEARE Wooden Revolution & Glass-Eyed Evolution

NICHOLS LURE CO. Shrimp & Perch Lures, TX, circa 1930's

JOE E. PEPPER Roman Spider, circa 1915

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