J.A. Coxe and Bronson Coxe Fishing Reels

J.A. Coxe and Bronson Coxe Fishing Reels

J.A. Coxe and Bronson-Coxe - Los Angles, CA and Bronson, MI

Joe Coxe gained a reputation as a renowned big game fisherman and sportsman while living in Los Angles, CA. He was a Director of the Tuna Club of Santa Catalina Island in 1915 when it burned down. Joe was instrumental in coordinating the reconstruction of the Club and was elected its President for 7 years because of his leadership. Coxe started making reels of his own design in Los Angles, CA about 1920. By 1928, he was selling reels varying from $150 to $1,500 depending on the size. He later sold the business and the J.A. Coxe reel name to Bronson Reel Co. in MI in the 1930's.

His many years of catching record size fish enabled him to understand what features of a reel could be improved to benefit the fisherman. Joe was granted his first patent on May 27, 1924. It incorporated what is believed to be the first use of a star drag for a drag adjustment mechanism. His second patent was granted on October 17, 1939 for click mechanism and was assigned to the Bronson Reel Company. His third patent was also assigned to Bronson and included 8 pages of sketches that summarized all the details required to make the big game reels in production as Bronson-Coxe reels.

The J.A. COXE 9/0 Reel, circa 1930

The J.A. COXE Model 25 Reel, circa 1939

The J.A. COXE Model 25-3 Reel, circa 1941

The J.A. COXE Coronet, circa 1942

The J.A. COXE Model 25C Reel

The J.A. COXE 12/0 Reel

BRONSON REEL CO. 1949 Field & Stream Magazine Ad

The J.A. COXE 1924 Patent

The J.A. COXE 1937 Design Patent

The J.A. COXE 1939 Patent

The J.A. COXE 1940 Patent

The J.A. COXE 1940 Patent

Excerpts from the 1936 Book "Men, Fish and Tackle" about J.A. Coxe

Excerpts from the 1936 Book "Men, Fish and Tackle" about J.A. Coxe

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