John Dreiser Fishing Reels

John Dreiser Fishing Reels

John Dreiser - New York, NY

John Dreiser reels are ones that are unique in design starting with his 1883 Patent. Their large diameter and sturdy construction make them an eye-catcher. Why Dreiser invented a reel of this configuration is unknown. We do, however, know a little bit about him. Dreiser was born in Prussia (Germany) in 1838. The New York 1880 US Census and the 1880's City Directories show his occupation as a Lager Beer Dealer/Salesman. He must have also been a fisherman that wanted to design reels that met his idea of what a reel should be. There are two reel designs that use John Dreiser's patents. The first was patented on August 14, 1883 for a reel integral with the rod handle. The second patent was granted April 28, 1903 for a large side-mount reel. The 1903 patent reel was rather large. It weighed exactly 1 pound, had a spool diameter of 5 3/4 inches and width of 5/8 inches. John Dreiser reels are considered some of the great ones made by the New York reel makers. John died in 1917.

The JOHN DREISER 1903 Patent Reel

The JOHN DREISER April 28, 1903 Patent

The JOHN DREISER August 14, 1883 Patent

JOHN DREISER and Family in the New York 1880 US Census

JOHN DREISER Family Grave Marker

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