Al Foss Easy Control 3-25 Fishing Reels

Al Foss Easy Control 3-25 Fishing Reels

Al Foss - Cleveland, OH

Al Foss was a famous tournament caster from Cleveland, OH. He won numerous national casting championships and was best known for distance bait casting. During his fishing and tournament casting career, Foss received several patents for his lure designs. He also was granted patents for his reel designs. The first reel patent was granted on January 5, 1926.The second was granted on January 21, 1930 and the third on June 23, 1931. Being a tournament distance caster, Foss understood the importance of controlling the spool speed during the cast to prevent a line backlash. As such, his patents are involved with adding a centrifugal device to the spool to help prevent the caster from getting a backlash. His design concept was added to the reel his company sold. The reel was the Al Foss Easy Control 3-25 reel and was introduced in 1925. It came in both a polished and a matt finish. It was a size 3 reel and sold for $25, hence the number 3-25.

Al Foss was well know for his expertise in tournament distance casting. Several custom reels designed for distance casting have been found with his name on them. Collectors are not sure if they were commissioned by him or if they were given to him as special presentation reels. Regardless, the reels with AL Foss's name on them are considered very special among collectors not only because of his affiliation with fishing but because they are usually very high quality. One such reel owned by Al Foss made by Talbot Reel & Mfg. Company is shown below.

Al Foss is probably best known for his line of Pork Rind Minnows. The earliest ones come in tin boxes and later in two piece cardboard boxes. Below is a Pork Rind Minnow catalog insert from one of the tin boxes.

The AL FOSS EASY CONTROL 3-25 Reel, circa 1925



AL FOSS Reel Ad, 1925

AL FOSS Ad, 1925

AL FOSS Pork Rind Minnow Insert Catalog

AL FOSS Pork Rind Minnow Insert Catalog

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