Friedrich F. vom Hofe Fishing Reels

F. vom Hofe & Son Fishing Reels

F. vom Hofe & Son - New York, NY

Friedrich vom Hofe and his son Julius made and sold fishing reels in New York City on Fulton Street in 1860. The first F. vom Hofe reels were marked on the head plate and did not have a gear bridge to support the main gear post. They also used small nuts to fasten the cross-bar pillars to the back of the head plate. Later ones contain the gear bridge patented by his son Julius on Nov. 26, 1867. The bridge provided stability to the gear post. These reels also had the cross-bar pillars threaded and screwed into the back of the head plate. The reels have been found in solid nickel silver (German silver) and in brass. The scarcer versions are made of hard rubber like the one pictured below. All of his reels are considered highly collectable.

F. vom HOFE Reels with Rim Drag

The F. vom HOFE Reel, New York, Circa 1860

F. vom HOFE Reel with 1867 Patent Date on Gear Bridge

Unmarked F. vom HOFE Reel

The F. vom HOFE 100 Yard Size Brass Reel, New York, Circa 1860

The F. vom HOFE Brass Reel, New York, Circa 1860

The JULIUS Vom HOFE November 26, 1867 Patent

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