Earl Gresh Fishing Lures, Flies & Marquetry

Earl Gresh Lures, Flies & Marquetry

Earl Gresh - St. Petersburg, FL

Earl Gresh was born in Norristown, PA in 1896. In 1911, he lived with his mother in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was in the Navy in World War I and later became a resident in St. Petersburg. His early years there revolved around being a musician. In 1923 he Joined the "Kentucky Kernels Band" and as a violin player. From 1924 to 1928 he was the band leader of the "Gang Plank Restaurant Orchestra" that also played at the Coliseum Dance Hall in downtown St. Pete. Earl Gresh was a racing enthusiast and designed and built racing boats from 1926 thru 1927. He became an Outboard Motor Speedboat Champion in 1929.

In addition to his early accomplishments, Earl loved fishing and wood working. He became a renowned wood working artist in St. Petersburg. He made lures and even made custom tackle boxes for presidents Hoover and Eisenhower. Earl was best known for his salt water flies and was featured in the book by J. Edson Leonard, "Flies", published in 1950. All of Gresh's lures are collectable and were made in the 1950's through the 1970's. Earl's lures are unique and came in a wide range of colors and styles. Most are marked with his name on the belly of the lure. Earl Gresh also made wooden purses and marquetry pictures with inlaid woods from around the world. He also made marquetry pins for ladies sportswear. He sold his lures and his wood working art in the store next to his "Wood Parade" wood history Museum.




The EARL GRESH Tackle Box, Lures & Rod

The WOOD PARADE Museum & Gift Shop

The EARL GRESH PURSE shown on Brochures

The EARL GRESH Ladies Marquetry Pins

EARL GRESH's Personal Fly Reel Made by T.A. Barnes Mfg. Co.

The EARL GRESH July 13, 1943 Handbag Design Patent

EARL GRESH Featured in Karl Grismer's 1948 Book "The Story of St. Petersburg"

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