Kineya and Alchemy Fly Reels

Kineya Fly Reels

Kineya Tackle Maker, Kyoto, Japan

The history of Kineya reel making can be found in their October, 2003 edition of "Kineya Tackle Maker, Collector's Guide." In there it describes how Masatoshi Okui (called Mas by his friends) started making fly reels of his own design. In the year 2000, Mas started the manufacture of his reels on state of the art CNC machines and under his direct supervision. His catalog shows he made 6 different models with up to 8 variations in size and material on some of the models. All of Mas's designs reflect his thought that "the life of a salmon or trout is an art which was borne from mother nature and our tackle designs are in harmony and in tribute to this wonderful pastime."

Kineya also created a line of fly reels that followed the H.L. Leonard and Leonard - Mills designs. They are the German silver and bronze bi-metal and the William Mills & Son model No. 44 and No. 50 reels. Kineya made these two reel models for rod maker Ron Kusse. The reels are marked "The Leonard Mills Reel" and "Ron Kusse, Maker."

Kineya also made his raised pillar reels with "Alchemy" and "The Hidden Creek" markings on them.

The KINEYA Model 100, Reed 41 and Cavous Fly Reels

The KINEYA "Reed 41" Fly Reel

The KINEYA "Model 700" Fly Reel

The KINEYA "Models 700 and 711" Fly Reels

The KINEYA "Cavous Ni" Fly Reel

The KINEYA Model 100 Fly Reel

The KINEYA Model 200 Fly Reel

The KINEYA Model 300 Fly Reel

The KINEYA Reed 33 Fly Reel

The KINEYA Reed 43 Fly Reel

The KINEYA Reed 44 Fly Reel

The KINEYA Reed 45 Fly Reel

The KINEYA German Silver Reed 45 Fly Reel

The KINEYA Reed 48 Fly Reel

The KINEYA Ron Kusse Fly Reel

The KINEYA Ron Kusse "Leonard Mills" Fly Reel

The KINEYA Sir Edward's Model 99 Fly Reel

The KINEYA Sir Edward's Mark I Fly Reel

The KINEYA "Spring Net" Collapsible Spring-Spread Net

The KINEYA Reel Registration Form

To see the 2003 Kineya collector's Guide, click on the link below.

Link to Kineya Collector's Guide

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