Liberty Bell Co. Fishing Reels

Liberty Bell Co. Fishing Reels

Liberty Bell Co. - Bristol, CT

Liberty Bell Co reels were designed by Edward D. Rockwell and built in Bristol, CT. The reel came in 3 sizes (80, 100 and 250 yards) and sold around 1905. The Liberty Bell reel comes in two models. One contains a complex free-spool mechanism that operates automatically for casting. The other one has an adjustable drag under the handle. One of the nice features of the reel is a quick take-down feature. By rotating a tab on the back plate, the outer ring on the tail plate can be rotated relative to the hard rubber and disengage the ends of the 5 pillars from the tail plate. Rockwell got 5 patents on his reels from 1903 thru 1905. Rockwell's first patents were in October 31, 1899 and August 7, 1900 for push-button bells for bicycles. Hence the name origin of the name of the company. Liberty Bell Co reels are considered one of the great reels made in the New England states area.

The LIBERTY BELL 250 Yard Reel, circa 1904

The LIBERTY BELL 100 Yard Reel, circa 1904

The LIBERTY BELL 80 Yard Reel Box

The LIBERTY BELL 100 Yard Reel with Adjustable Drag, circa 1905

The LIBERTY BELL Reel Patents by Edward Rockwell

The LIBERTY BELL Reel 1902 Magazine Ad

THE LIBERTY BELL Reel 1904 Magazine Ad

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