Frederick (Fred'k) Malleson Fly and Bait Casting Fishing Reels and Rods

Frederick (Fred'k) Malleson Fly and Bait Casting Fishing Reels and Rods

Frederick Malleson - Brooklyn, NY

Frederick Malleson was born in New York in 1850. He was just 25 when he became partners in the company Conroy, Bissett & Malleson. The company was the successor to the company J.C. Conroy & Co. Their products were split bamboo rods, reels and other sporting goods. Malleson used his knowledge of making split bamboo rods and was granted a patent on March 18, 1879 for an "Archery Bow." The bow was made of hard wood and split bamboo and was featured in the Conroy, Bissett & Malleson product line. In 1881, Malleson separated from the company and he assumed control of the production department. The company name changed to Conroy & Bissett. After 1883, the company name was changed to Thomas J. Conroy.

Malleson's second patent was granted September 4, 1883 for a "Fishing Reel." It is considered to be one of the first multiplying fly reels. With the flip of an arrow head shaped lever, the click is engaged or disengaged. Malleson called his reel "The Patent Perfection Treble Multiplying Reel." The first model of the reel he sold resembled that shown in the 1883 patent. The second model had raised pillars for increased line capacity. During the 1880's, Malleson was making reels as a wholesale manufacturer with the company Thomas J. Conroy being his main customer. He was also selling his Patent Perfection reel and other model reels through different sporting goods businesses like William M. Cornwall in Brooklyn; Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlett & Co. in Chicago; and Edw. K. Tryon in Philadelphia. Most of Malleson company reels are made of nickel plated brass. Some of his higher quality reels were made of German silver and are spectacular.


The FREDERICK MALLESON German Silver Reel with Rim Actuated Drag

The FREDERICK MALLESON "Patent Perfection" Second Model Reel - Circa 1885

The FREDERICK MALLESON Reel Made for Abbey & Imbrie - Circa 1890

The FREDERICK MALLESON Kentucky Style Reels

Salmon Reel Made by FREDERICK MALLESON, circa 1880

FRED'K MALLESON Brass Reel - Circa 1890

Brass Reel from Roger Schulz Collection

FRED'K MALLESON Rod - Circa 1890

First Model MALLESON Reel Ad in June, 1883 "Forest & Stream" Magazine

Second Model MALLESON Reel Ad in July, 1885 "Forest & Stream" Magazine

MALLESON Reel Shown in June, 1885 "The American Angler" Magazine Ad

Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. 1883 Catalog Showing MALLESON Reels

FREDERICK MALLESON 1879 Archery Bow Patent

FREDERICK MALLESON 1883 Fishing Reel Patent

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