James F. Marsters Fishing Reels

James F. Marsters Fishing Reels

James F. Marsters - Brooklyn, NY

James F Marsters reels appeared in their 1875 Sporting Goods Catalog and in subsequent catalogs. It states the business was established in 1857. The company was in business up until the 1910's. This means the fishing tackle business with this name was operating in Brooklyn, NY for over 50 years. Their catalogs and advertisements state they can beat anyone's price for fishing tackle. They first started with selling Flies and Rods and later started selling Reels. The James F Marsters reels were not made by them. The reels they sold with their name on them were either imported from England or made by other US companies on Fulton Street in Brooklyn. James F. Marsters is considered one of the great New York tackle dealers.

The J.F. MARSTERS 300 Yard German Silver Reel, Circa 1880

The J.F. MARSTERS 1875 Catalog

The J.F. MARSTERS  Circa 1880 Catalog

J.F. MARSTERS 1871 Ad in "Fur, Fin & Feather" Book

J.F. MARSTERS 1883 Ad in "Forest & Stream" Magazine

J.F. MARSTERS 1892 Ad in "Forest & Stream" Magazine

J.F. MARSTERS 1906 Ad in "Forest & Stream" Magazine

J.F. MARSTERS December 30, 1902 Fishing Float Patent

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