Montague City Rod Co. Kosmic Fishing Reels

Montague Rod and Reel Co. & Kosmic Fishing Reels

Montague Rod and Reel Co. - Montague, MA

The Montague Company was originally in the rod making business in Montague City, MA. In 1899, they bought the reel making business of Malleson in Brooklyn, NY. The company name at the time was Montague City Rod Company. The company name was changed to Montague Rod and Reel Co. in 1927 and was consolidated into the Montague City factory. They were later bought out by Ocean City in 1934. The reels made over this 35 year period vary in the quality and size. They made everything from a very expensive solid nickel silver (German silver) line of reels to inexpensive ones stamped out thin brass. It is uncommon to find the Montague name on a reel. Most of their business was making reels for other companies like Von Lengerke & Antoine (VL&A) and other sporting goods dealers. One of the most desirable reels made by them was the "Kosmic" reel. They made reels with this name after they acquired the company US Net & Twine. This is a high quality reel made in both fly reel and casting reel models. They were made of nickel silver and hard rubber. To list all the names of the different models they made would be quite a task. Montague made a wide range of quality and size of reels. All of the reels pictured below are bait casting reels and made of German silver.

Montague 4-Screw German Silver Reels

The Kosmic Reel, NY, Circa 1904 - Montague No. 945

The Astor Reel, L. Levy Maker, NY, Circa 1904 - Montague No. 945

The "VL&A Tournament Casting" Reel

Unmarked, "Kentucky" and "Wilkerson, Chicago" Reels

"The Dolphin, Abbey & Imbrie", "Jay Harvey", "Vee Bee", "VL&A Expert No. 3" and "Jupiter" Reels

"Gus Habich", "Kentucky 3", "Wilkerson, Chicago", "The Minnesota" and "Jas.L. Van Uxem, Chicago, Geneva" Reels

"Our Very Best casting", "Our Veribest", Ultra Casting" and "Ultra Casting" Reels

"Pennell King - 80 Yd.", "Pennell King - 60 Yd.", "Maine" and "Crown" Reels

"VL&A Tournament Casting", "VL&A Tournament Casting", "VL&A Expert No. 3" and "Schwarz" Reels

"Imbrie Tournament", "Abercrombie & Fitch Co., NY", "Beaver" and "Field Special, Marshall Field, Chicago" Reels

"Tournament", "Neptune" and "Neptune Special" Reels

"Minneapolis", "Thos.E.Wilson Co.,Chicago, LB Icely", " Niagara" and "The Hub, Henry C. Lytton & Son, Chicago" Reels

"Triumph", "Silver Lake, Jeweled", "VL&A Silver Lake Jeweled" and "Silver Lake" Reels

80 Yd. Reel Marked "Sold by E. vom Hofe & C0., NY"

MONTAGUE "V.L.&A. Tournament Casting" Reel

MONTAGUE "Maine" Reel

"Hiawatha", "Superior" and "Abbey Casting" Reels

"Abercrombie & Fitch Co.", "Abercrombie & Fitch Co." and "V.L. & A." Reels

"Schoenfield Gutter - Sea Gull", "Venus, 100 Yd." and "Venus, 80 Yd." Reels

"Bean's Special", "The Elite, 80 Yd." and "The Elite, 60 Yd." Reels

"Pennell, Trade Mark", "Congress" and "Standard" Reels

"Free Spool" and "Lakeside" 100 Yd. Reels

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