F.L.B. Flood Florida Shinner Bait Co. Fishing Lures

F.L.B. Flood Florida Shinner Bait Co. Fishing Lures

Florida Shinner Bait Co. - Frostproof, FL

Lures made by F.L.B. Flood are perhaps the most interesting lures made by a Florida maker. Their metal fins, carved tail and folk art appearance make them very popular among collectors today. An interesting thing about Flood Minnows is that the line tie is on the side of the bait. This causes the lure to have a large swimming arc when it is retrieved. Flood Minnows were made in the 1930's and came in 3 sizes and 4 major color patterns. The first lures had silver sides and were made for a very short period of time. Lures made later had dots on the sides that represented a scale pattern.

The FLOOD MINNOW, circa 1930

FLOOD Minnows

FLOOD Minnows

FLOOD Small, Medium and Large Minnows

F.L.B. FLOOD 1930 Magazine Ad

F.L.B. FLOOD 1930 Photo

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