A.B. Shipley & Son, Malcom A. Shipley Fishing Reels

A.B. Shipley & Son, Malcolm A. Shipley Fishing Reels

A.B. Shipley & Son, Malcolm A. Shipley - Philadelphia, PA

Augustus Shipley ran a fishing tackle business in Philadelphia, PA in the 1870's to the 1890's under the name A.B. Shipley & Son. The business was established by his father in 1793. The reels listed in his 1885 catalog ranged from simple click reels to quality ball handle style reels. Also shown in the catalog are the Hendrick's reels with double arrow head style levers. Augustus's son, Malcolm, was also a part of the business. In 1885, Malcolm A. Shipley received a patent for a Fly-Book with ivory celluloid leaves. Malcolm also wrote a book that he sold entitled "Artificial Flies and How To Make Them." After Augustus's retirement in 1895, the business was operated by his son and the business name was changed to "Malcolm A. Shipley." Malcolm's 1896 catalog shows a large variety of fishing reels including German silver S-handle style reels. He later received a patent on May 13, 1902 for a fishing reel handle drag. A.B. Shipley died in 1897.

The A.B SHIPLEY Multiplying Fly Reel, circa 1880

The A.B SHIPLEY Ball Handle Brass Reel, circa 1880

A.B. SHIPLEY & SON 1874 and 1876 Forest & Stream Magazine Ads

A.B. SHIPLEY & SON 1881 and 1883 Invoices

A.B. SHIPLEY & SON July, 1882 Forest & Stream Magazine Ad

A.B. SHIPLEY & SON January, 1889 Wildwood Magazine Ad

A.B. SHIPLEY & SON 1885 Catalog


MALCOLM A. SHIPLEY Ad in 1903 Forest & Stream Magazine

The M.A. SHIPLEY May 13, 1902 Reel Patent

To see a copy of the 1896 A.B. SHIPLEY & SON Catalog, click on the link below.

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