George Snyder GS Kentucky Fishing Reels

George Snyder, GS Kentucky Fishing Reels

George Snyder - Paris, KY

George Snyder was a watchmaker and silversmith in Paris, KY. It is thought that he made fishing reels between 1820 and 1840. His reels resemble in some ways the early British reels available at the time. George Snyder reels are the most desirable of reels for reel collectors. The only markings on the reel that identify them as Snyder's are the initials "GS". George Snyder has been credited with making the first American multiplying (geared) reel.

The SNYDER Reel, No. 5 Size

Three SNYDER Reels, No. 4 and 2 Sizes


Photos of this Snyder Reel by Ray Carver

To see magazine articles written about the history of the Kentucky Reel, click on the links below.

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