Reels & Winch Makers Allcock, Dingley, Malloch, J. Bernard

Reels & Winchs by Allcock, Dingley, Malloch, Haywood & Bernard

It is known that fishing reels (winches) have been made in England for a long time. Some of the earliest use of an English reel can be read about in Izaak Walton's book "The Complete Angler" which was published 1653. The majority of the early British reels are brass. Reels from companies like Allcock's, Dingley, Malloch, J. Bernard & Son, Haywood and others are collectable.

The J. BERNARD & SON Reels, London, circa 1890

The DINGLEY Reel, circa 1930

The MALLOCH Reel, circa 1920

A&N CSL (Army & Navy Cooperative Society Ltd) Salmon Fly Reel

The J. McGOWAN Reel, London, circa 1870

The HAYWOOD MAKER Reels, Birmingham, circa 1840

J.B. MOSCROP 1894 Magazine Ad

To see a January, 1896 "The Fishing Gazette" Article about the ALLCOCK & CO. Products, click on the link below.

Link to ALLCOCK & CO. Magazine Article

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