Winchester Fishing Reels

Winchester Fishing Reels

Winchester Fishing Tackle - New Haven, CT

Winchester reels, rods, lures, other fishing tackle and tools were made after they purchased the Andrew B. Hendryx Co. and all its tooling and rights in 1919. They also purchased the E.W. Edwards rod business in Bangor, ME. The purchase of Hendryx and other hardware related companies was due to the Winchester factory slowdown after World War I. Like Hendryx, most reels were inexpensive and cheaply made. However, they did also make some high quality German silver reels. Winchester reels can usually be found with the "Winchester" name stamped on the front plate. Some can be found without a name on them. Others have been found with "Hendryx" or "Armax" stamped on them. Winchester is considered to be one of the great makers in the New England states area.

The WINCHESTER No. 4161 German Silver Tournament Casting Reel

The WINCHESTER German Silver Level Wind Casting Reel

The WINCHESTER No. 4247 Casting Reel

The WINCHESTER No. 4250 Take-Apart Casting Reel

The WINCHESTER No. 2944 300 Yard Casting Reel

The Reels in the WINCHESTER 1924 Catalog

WINCHESTER Ad in 1922 "Field & Stream" Magazine

Excerpt from WINCHESTER Securities Filing

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