Ernie Woolfe Woolfie Fishing Lures

Ernie Woolfe - Woolfie Fishing Lures

Ernie Woolfe - Miami Beach, FL

Ernie Woolfe made an interesting shrimp lure he called the "Woolfie." The head of the shrimp was a painted lead weight and the tail was made of bristles. The body was unique in that it was made from vinyl hair curlers. There were 5 versions and two weights. The "Skimmer" had a flat shaped lead head and the "Deep Riding" had more of an egg shaped lead head. They came in 3/8 oz. and 5/8 oz. sizes.

The WOOLFIE #600 SKIMMER Lures, 3/8 Oz.

The WOOLFIE #600 SKIMMER Lure, 3/8 Oz.

The WOOLFIE #700 SKIMMER Lures, 5/8 Oz.

The WOOLFIE #300 DEEP RIDING Lures, 5/8 Oz.

1953 Post Card Showing WOOLFIE Lures

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