B. F. Meek Kentucky Fishing Reels

B.F. Meek Kentucky Fishing Reels

B.F. Meek - Louisville, KY

B.F. Meek started as a jeweler and watchmaker in Frankfort, KY. He moved to Louisville in 1883 when he established his reel making shop with his sons. The reels he made from 1883 up until 1892 were marked "B.F. Meek". He had previously been partners with his brother and made reels marked "J.F. & B.F. Meek" (circa 1839 to 1850) and later with fellow apprentice B.C. Milam and marked the reels "Meek & Milam" (circa 1853 to 1881). He is credited with making the first reel to incorporate spiral cut gears, jeweled pivot bearings and oil holes for the bearings. B.F. Meek died in 1901.

Meek History - B.F. Meek's son, Pitman, and his brother, Sylvanus, are credited with making the early reels marked "B.F. Meek & Sons". Pitman started making reels with his father when it started as "B.F. Meek" in 1883. Pitman died in 1896. Sylvanus started reel making in 1886 and continued in the business until 1898 when the company was sold. They sold the company to the 3 businessmen Sutcliffe, Carter and O’Conner. For a 2 year period around 1900, the reels were marked "Blue Grass Reel Works." This was a time when there was litigation between the Meek company and the Milam company on who can lay claim to the title of "The Frankfort Kentucky Reel."

There are three grades of reels marked "B.F. Meek & Sons." The most expensive were simply marked No. 2, No. 3, etc. The mid-grade reels were the Blue Grass line. They were marked Blue Grass No. 3, 4 or 5. The inexpensive line were take-apart-type reels and were marked with the No.'s 25, 33 or 34. The reels were marked "B.F. Meek & Sons" until 1916 when the company was sold to Horton Mfg. in Connecticut.

The No. 44 fly reel is by far the most sought after by collectors. It's simple, yet elegant design makes it aesthetically pleasing. The other reels that are scare are the larger size reels like the No.'s 6, 7 and 8. The No. 10 and No. 11 were the largest reels made by them. Another unique Meek reel is one marked "CLUB SPECIAL." It's a No. 2 size reel with a larger than normal 1 3/4 inch wide spool.

All Meek fishing reels are collectable and those marked "J.F. & B.F. Meek" or "B.F. Meek" are very rare.

B.F. MEEK Photo

The B.F. MEEK NO. 3 Reels

The B.F. MEEK NO. 4 Reels

The B.F. MEEK NO. 1 Reel, circa 1885

The B.F. MEEK NO. 2 Reel, circa 1885

The B.F. MEEK NO. 2 Reels, circa 1885

The B.F. MEEK NO. 3 Reel, circa 1885

The B.F. MEEK NO. 3 Reel, circa 1892

The B.F. MEEK NO. 3 Reels, circa 1883

The B.F. MEEK NO. 4 Reel, circa 1885

The B.F. MEEK NO. 5 Reel, circa 1885

The B.F. MEEK NO. 6 Reel, circa 1885

The B.F. MEEK NO. 7 Reel, circa 1885

The B.F. MEEK NO. 7 Size Narrow Spool Reel, circa 1890

MEEK Reel Sizes 6, 7 & 8

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