Field & Stream Award Pins and Honor Badges

Field & Stream Award Pins and Honor Badges

Field & Stream Award Pins and Honor Badges

Field & Stream magazine carried a program for about 40 years of providing pins and badges to fishermen that caught and registered their fish with the magazine. The contest was announced in the January, 1911 magazine issue. The fish had to meet a minimum weight requirement. In the 1910's, Field & Stream awarded silver trophy cups to the fishing contest winners. From 1937 to 1977, Field and Stream would send you a badge if you met their minimum size requirements and documented it on their application form. The program started out with 17 different fish categories for prizes the first year then expanded to 25 fish the second year. In 1962, this was expanded to 74 fish species and later to 80 species.

The earliest badges have no markings other than "Field & Stream". The weight of the fish was on the back of the badge. Later, applicants that met the minimum requirements would get a badge marked "Honor Badge" and the winner for the year in each category would receive an "Award" badge. The weight of the fish was also stamped on the back of the badge. The older badges are found in bronze and sterling silver. Later badges were awarded in gold, silver and bronze. The largemouth bass badges below show some of the variation in markings and metal. The stylized bass is the earliest one and the realistic one came later.

Field & Stream also included badges for other sports. From 1937 to 1941, they included Award pins for Trap and Skeet for 50, 75 and 100 straight hits. In 1950, they added Honor and Award badges for Big-Game animals. Field & Stream also added a "First Bird" category. You could send in affidavit form for 6 species of birds. There was also an Honor Badge for Wild Turkey.

The table below summarizes the time spans to help recognize when a badge was made.

1937 to 1977 – 40 years for all pins

1937 to 1945 – 8 years of pins blank and not marked “Award” or “Honor Badge”

1946 to 1977 – 32 years of pins marked either “Award” or “Honor Badge”

1962 to 1977 – 15 years of gold and silver pins awarded

Field & Stream Pin Collection Display Shown in the Magazine

Field & Stream Pin Collection Display Shown in the June, 1972 Magazine

Field & Stream Pin Collection

Large Mouth Bass Pin Variations

Offshore Game Fish Pin Variations

Intercostal and Bay Fish Pin Variations

Northern Stream and Lake Fish Pin Variations

Bonefish, Skipjack Tuna, Albacore, Jack Crevalle, Bluefish, Weakfish Pins

1911 Postcard Showing Field & Stream Award Winner

October 1912 Field & Stream Picture of Award Cups

September 1937 Field & Stream Contest Ad

January 1938 Field & Stream Contest Ad

Field & Stream 1937 Skeet & Trap and 1960 Big-Game Contest Ads

March 1962 Field & Stream Magazine Cover

Field & Stream 1971 Contest Application

Field & Stream 1974 Award Pin Display

Field & Stream 1977 Award Pin Display

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