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William Shakespeare, Jr. Company Fishing Lures

William Shakespeare, Jr. Company - Kalamazoo, MI

The William Shakespeare lures were made by one of the longest operating companies of the now classic lure makers. The Shakespeare Company was founded by William Shakespeare, Jr. in 1897. The company's first lure was the called the Revolution. The first Revolutions were made of wood and then later the bodies were made of hollow aluminum. Shakespeare then made a couple of rubber lures. They were called the Sure Lure and the Evolution. In 1905, they acquired the rights to the Fred Rhodes wooden minnow patents. This is when we see the first Shakespeare wooden lures with glass eyes. The oldest lures have a see-through wire hook hanger design with small brass cups. The hooks were held through the body with a paper clip style design. Then in 1910, the through body design used a small flat plate to attach the hooks. This design was later followed by the normal cup and screw eye design to hold the hooks. William Shakespeare lures were later made with glass eyes and a natural paint design showing scale patterns and colors.

Examples of the wide range of lures made by Shakespeare can be seen in the photos below and in the 1909 Catalog at the bottom of this page.

The SHAKESPEARE Wooden Revolution, Circa 1900

The SHAKESPEARE Revolutions

The SHAKESPEARE Glass-Eyed Evolution

An Early SHAKESPEARE Minnow Collection

Photo of David Lindsey's Shakespeare Wooden Lures

The SHAKESPEARE No. 44GY Minnow and Box

The SHAKESPEARE No. 44 Minnows

The SHAKESPEARE No. 33 Torpedo

The SHAKESPEARE No. 03 Submerged Minnow

The SHAKESPEARE No. 43 Slim Jim

The SHAKESPEARE No. 12 Minnow and Wooden Box

The SHAKESPEARE No. 135 Darting Shrimp


The SHAKESPEARE No. 6508 and 6509 Fisher Baits

The SHAKESPEARE No. 6511 Plopper

A SHAKESPEARE Revolution and Evolution Lure Collection

Revolutions and Evolutions from the Collection of Bob Coon


SHAKESPEARE 1909 Catalog

To see the 1909 Shakespeare Catalog, click on the link below.

Link to 1909 Shakespeare Catalog

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